the coven

That's who we are. We're a group of badass babes, and a dude who love the dark. We thrive in the moodiness of a full moon, in the darkness of a thunderstorm, in the glimmer of a flame. We feed off each others energy and know what each other is thinking without even saying a word. We truly believe that the things we create together are magic and that is why we brought The Wedding Coven to you.



from the fine folks of:



This rad love

Specializes in rad love stories. Love is about finding that one other person that loves every single thing about you, quirks and all. That's rad, so it should all be documented. Every moment.



urban shindigs

Thinking outside the box and bringing your ideas to life with her own creative spin on what 'traditional' should be. She caters to the dreamers and help tell love stories the way they should be told. 



the floral craft

Focused on creating lush, unique and modern style flowers for weddings and special events. We dream in deep contrasting tones with opulent colors to create a hauntingly beautiful design. 



hair design

erin scissorhands

Pravana certified colorist, vintage hairstyle specialist, experienced with tape and microlink hair extensions, making your hair look just as magical as you dreamed. 


Music & Dj

dj luis the beast

Not knowing where to go with drums or guitar or being in a band, dj'ing found Luis. He has an appreciation for all types of music, genres, and feels. None of that cha cha slide shit though.